C Heng Balance Lamp

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The perfect lamp?

Our goal was to find a lamp as beautiful as surprising. We achieved our goal, didn't we?

Our lamp, besides being a true artwork, will sublimate your interior to perfection:

  • Mood lamp for a cozy space
  • Modern and sleek design
  • Will impress the little ones and amaze the older ones
  • Low consumption (LED)
  • Does not dazzle
  • Innovative
  • High quality materials

Perfect, we told you.

      When art meets science

      Join the two cords and the light will be. The magic happens. Without touching each other, they hold in levitation and the lamp lights up.

      Enter a new dimension, transform your interior.

      Modern design

      The contemporary and modern design brings a sublime touch of modernity to your home.

      It will create a serene and soothing atmosphere with a warm yellow light.

      Carefully selected materials

      When elegance rhymes with quality, nothing is left to chance. Everything from the beechwood base to the quality aluminum surround, similar to that used in aviation, has been thought of to enhance this magnificent lamp!

      Perfection is in the detail.

      High-end lighting

      The latest generation LED strip light gives off an homogenous light that is perfect for creating a soothing atmosphere, lighting up your sweet reading time or using as a bedside lamp.

      How long does it last? Up to 30,000 hours! Which is 1 hour per day for 80 years!

      Beautiful, sturdy and good quality. The perfect lamp!


      This lamp works plugged into the mains (or any USB port, due to its low power consumption). Includes a USB cable and is integrated into the lamp.

      • LED lifespan: up to 30,000 hours (that's 1 hour per day for 80 years!)
      • Integrated USB cable
      • Power: 5W
      • Size: 340 x 260 × 40 mm
      • Material: wood, aluminum, silicone
      • Weight: about 600g

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