Nordic vase

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 High-Quality, Durable Glass
 5 Colors & 6 Different Shapes
 Sleek, Chic & Modern Design
Perfect for Flowers, Candles, or As A Decor Item

Adds A Touch of Color to Any Room

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Adopted by over 30,000 families

And you seem to love it.

"This lamp is perfect for a variety of uses… "

and is easily moved from room to room. I'm ordering another one!

"Great product!"

Just bought a second one for my daughter. Thank you!

"Perfect size !"

Perfect size and lighting options for my small side table that is not near any electrical outlet!

"It's so multi-purpose!"

When friends left my house the other night, both my front porch light and my lamp light were burned out, so I grabbed my cozy light as the flashlight and guided them out to their car!

"I am quite happy with my little light."

I rise very early in the morning before my family gets up and I’m able to plan my day or read without disturbing anyone. Love it!


With their soothing pastel color palette, our Nordic Vases are perfect for easily adding color and brightening a room!

Plus, with the range of available colors, you’re sure to find the ideal color to match your current decor or to offer as a gift to a loved one!

Lampe 4 en 1 lampe de bureau
Lampe 4 en 1 Maison Roche D'Art


Whether you live in a small space, like to keep things clean and minimalist, or want to impress your guests, our Nordic Vases do all of that and more!

Made from durable, high-quality glass, they’re perfect for maximizing space, reflecting light, making your space look more elegant, and adding airy openness to a room.

No clutter, just impeccable design!

*BONUS: They’re easy to clean!


Are you a lover of plants, flowers, and candles or simply an admirer of unique decor items?

Our Nordic Vases tick all the boxes!

Use our vases to display your favorite plants/flowers/candles or as an eye-catching decor item on a shelf, table, desk, dresser, display cabinet, mantelpiece, and more.

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Lampe lanterne de camping maison roche d'art
Lanterne 4 en 1 batterie intégrée


Orange: 8 cm x 12 cm 
Orange L:  8 cm x 15 cm
Green: 8 cm x 17 cm
Blue Green: 8 cm x 20 cm
Royal Blue: 10 cm x 17 cm
Pink: 8 cm x 15 cm

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