Wireless charger lamp

$34.90 $44.90

The perfect nightstand lamp?

This lamp is exactly what you need on your nightstand!

  • Touch lamp with adjustable intensity for a gentle wake-up call
  • Wireless charger with smart fast charging
  • Sleek, modern design
  • Built-in battery on the lamp for those unexpected nighttime moments
  • Emits no blue light.

Yes, this lamp is truly the perfect nightstand lamp!

A clean design

Perfectly sized, our lamp has a neat and sleek design to create a relaxing and zen atmosphere in your room.

Its white color will match your furniture and the size is perfectly adapted to fit on your bedside table, without taking up too much space.

High-end features

The 360° lighting of our lamp is perfectly adapted to the bedroom.

It also has an integrated battery that can last several hours (up to 48 hours!) and is charged by induction, once placed on its base.

Using the lamp is very simple :

  • A single touch to turn it on/off
  • A long touch to increase/decrease the brightness.

A compact lamp of high quality to meet all your expectations!

Wireless charger

Our bedside lamp is equipped with a high performance wireless charger to ensure a fast and safe charge for your phone.

You won't have to look for your cable anymore when you go to bed: put it down, it charges!

The charger is equipped with a powerful anti-heating system.

The 10W power provides a fast charge for your phone!

Wireless Charger Compatibility

The wireless charger is compatible with all phones that have this feature.

  • Apple : Iphone 8 and up.
  • Samsung: Galaxy 6 and up.
  • Any other recent phone.

Not sure which one is yours? Check in a search engine before ordering!

Innovative features

Our beautiful small lamp has a lot to offer!

The lamp is also equipped with a small hook to be hung in your closet or in your bathroom.

The base is magnetic and can be placed on any metal surface! 

Beautiful, practical and functional: the perfect lamp!


  • 360° touch lamp
  • Variable light
  • Integrated battery lamp (with hook and magnetic attachment)
  • Secure wireless charger
  • Indicator lights.
  • Weight: 168g
  • Lumens: from 2 to 18 Lm
  • Light: 3000k
  • Battery: 600 mAh

    Packaging includes:

    • The design base
    • The 360° integrated battery lamp
    • The connection cable
    • The user’s manual
    • Wireless charger