LED Foldable Magic Book



One Lamp, Endless Uses
 360Β° Rotation
 Lights Up in 5 Different Colors
 Nightlight, Table Lamp, Desk Lamp
USB Rechargeable
Perfect Gift for Book Lovers
30,000+ Happy Customers
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Adopted by over 30,000 families

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"This lamp is perfect for a variety of uses… "

and is easily moved from room to room. I'm ordering another one!

"Great product!"

Just bought a second one for my daughter. Thank you!

"Perfect size !"

Perfect size and lighting options for my small side table that is not near any electrical outlet!

"It's so multi-purpose!"

When friends left my house the other night, both my front porch light and my lamp light were burned out, so I grabbed my cozy light as the flashlight and guided them out to their car!

"I am quite happy with my little light."

I rise very early in the morning before my family gets up and I’m able to plan my day or read without disturbing anyone. Love it!


This magnificent Book Lamp is perfect for the bookworm or home decor lover in your life!

Both stylish and practical, this lamp is perfect for all sorts of uses: as a decor item, as a nightlight, desk or table lamp, emergency lamp, mood lighting, and more.

Plus, with its alternating colors, it’s a real marvel to behold!

Available in Small (140x115x25mm) or Large (215x160x2.5mm) and 5 different cover colors (Blue, Red, Gold, Brown, Beige).

Lampe 4 en 1 lampe de bureau


Open the book and watch in wonder as a warm glow is cast around the room!

This lamp allows you to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in just one swift motion as you open the book. Lay it flat or open it completely for 360Β° lighting!

With a 95% Light Transmittance, this Book Lamp will easily illuminate the entire room and is even bright enough to see in the daytime.

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This innovative lamp lights up in 5 different colors!

To switch between colors, all you have to do is open and close the book again and the colors will switch each time you re-open the book.

Choose between white, red, blue, green, and purple depending on your mood!

Lampe 4 en 1 Maison Roche D'Art
Lampe lanterne de camping maison roche d'art


100% wireless, this Book Lamp is perfect for bringing with you on the go or for convenient use around the house.

On a single charge, you’ll get up to 6 hours of uninterrupted use. 

When you run out of battery, easily and quickly recharge your lamp via a handy USB cable!

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Built-in magnet to keep the book safely closed
Durable, tear-resistant DuPont paper
Thermal protection keeps the book cold to the touch
Super soft, grain faux leather cover

Dimensions de la lampe
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